Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 63 - October 28, 2013 - Beware of Old Illiterate Ladies Picking Fruit!

This week has been such a good and interesting week!!! I am seriously loving my area so much and all the members that live here!! I hope I can finish my mission in this area haha! But I'm almost positive that I will be here for a pretty long time...or at least until Junuary...but who knows!!

So on Tuesday we were walking in the street and found these two old ladies picking fruit from their tree. We started talking to them and then started talking about the church. They told us they were Christians but that they couldn't read very well and they wanted us to stop by and read the scriptures with them the following day. We read in 1 Corinthians 15 when it talks about the Plan of Salvation and we asked them a bunch of questions. They told us to come back the following day. They invited their Christian pastor along with about 15 other members of their church to participate in the discussion. Man it was nuts!! I think throughout this experience I learned how important a sincere and simple testimony can be. This pastor had the most knowledge out of anyone I have ever met. He started telling us a bunch of blaspehmy and backing it up with a bunch of scriptures. We figured we weren't about to start a bible bash so we just shared our testimonies and let them know the importance of the gospel in our lives. I know we may not have convinced all of the people there but if we could have at least planted the seed into one of them then I will be happy :)

Then on Friday we had a lesson with one of our investigators that has been battling with drugs for a pretty long time but told us he has now been sober for a while and has completely given it up. We set a baptismal date with him for November 9th so we will see how everything goes with that. We are super excited because he has come such a long way!! 

On Sunday at church we were talking to another one of our investigators and he told us that he has now received an answer and wants to get baptized. He turns 18 in December so he told us he is going to ask his mom today and if she says no then he will for sure get baptized in December. He has believed in the Santa Muerta for a super long time and has a pretty rough past but he is progressing super well. We are hoping to see lots of success in these upcoming weeks/months!!

Today we went to this place called Patzcuaro. It is super nice!!! I love that place so much!! You should look at pictures because its seriously super beautiful!! And I bought all the family's christmas presents so I should be sending it off within these next couple of weeks!!

Hope you all had an amazing week and I love you all so much!!  Thank you so much for all the love and support!!

Elder Mike Payne

This is Elder Hulme.  He got here like 2 weeks ago and reminds me so much of Danny! haha he is super cool
This one is for you Christy! 
One of the cutest little kids ever!
How they spell my first name out here haha
haha I thought this license plate was funny!
The Monarchs vs. Chivas game.  We had a lesson up near the stadium and this is the view from outside.  Super cool!
This little kid is so cute.  He turned four on Friday and his family invited us over for his birthday party.  The tradition in Mexico is to take a bite of the cake after you blow out your candles... and usually other slam your face into the cake.  He had his eyes wide open and his sister shoved his head into the cake and he started crying.  So cute but so sad!
Our ward mission leader and young mens president.  They took us out to eat pizza! :)
Loved this kids shirt... miss the good old days with Dad out on Castlewood
Happy Halloween!
The drive in Patzcuaro
Me and Juan... probably the coolest member I have met on my mission.  He is a super good chef and even wants to sell tacos in the states!  This is Patzcuaro... one of the coolest pueblos in Mexico!
With some of the missionaries... Elder Solorzano, Elder Perrett, and Elder Polanco
A scripture carved into one of the benches

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