Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Week 62 - October 21, 2013 - You know you are in Mexico when you drive an hour to eat at IHOP!

This week was a pretty good week. I am learning lots about myself and everything is going super well. In the beginning I was a little frustrated with how everything was going with my companion but it has gotten a lot better.

I talked to my companion about my feelings and why I am here. I told him that I wanted to help him finish with the best transfer he has had on the mission, whether we baptize or not. We set goals  and we talked about having fun but also about working our butts off. I told him that for these last 5 weeks for p-day (our 'personal day') that we can go wherever he wants and do whatever he wants... just as long as during the week we would work as hard as we possible could. Our relationship is actually really good because we are working super hard but also having lots of fun together and laughing lots.

But this week we have been working hard with our investigators. They are all super strong. Every week we have like ten investigators at church. The good thing is that after the mish I will have some good reasons to come back...so I can see all these people get sealed in the temple.


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