Saturday, June 22, 2013

Week 46 - June 22, 2013 - I love the Bus!

Crazy to think how fast time flies by!! Remember last year when we had those 25 gifts for mom and dad for their 25th anniversary?  That was so much fun! Man I miss you guys a ton!

Well this last week went by so fast!! It was just a crazy week!! So Monday we took a bus to Urapan to have divisions with them and I worked in their area with Elder Quinney. He is such a stud! Man I love that kid. We are definately going to be hanging out after the mish!!  On Tuesday we just practically did service ALL day!! It was pretty nuts!! 

We went to lunch with one of the older ladies that lives in his area and then she asked if we would help her cut down a couple branches on her tree in her backyard. We said yes, thinking it would be a small little tree. It ended up being like 40 feet tall. So we had to climb the tree and use this axe thing to chop off the branches - in our dress shirts and pants! It took like 3 hours! 

Then we went to go teach one of their investigators and she asked if we would help cut the vines that were growing on the side of her house. That ended up taking like another 2 hours. As we were cutting, Elder Quinney started cutting above the door of the house. He noticed there was a bird's nest tucked behind the vines and moved it a little bit. All of the sudeen we hear ¨plop, plop, plop.¨ As we looked at the ground, we saw three dead baby birds - we felt bad!  Then as we were collecting all the leaves in front of the house, the neighbors dog fell off the roof and was hanging by his leash!!  Don't worry, it was a harness, so he wasn't choking!  I took pictures of it haha it looked soooo funny!!!!

Then on Wednesday morning I treveled back to Morelia (my area) and then unpacked, packed, and left to Zamora!! I got to Zamora and worked with Elder Perez, the zone leader over there. He is a pretty funny dude! I had fun working with him. On Thursday, we had to travel like an hour and a half to do a baptismal interview for one of the district leaders. Then we traveled an hour and a half back to his area and had a couple more lessons.

On Friday morning, I came back from Zamora...ending my week with a total of 14.5 hours in a bus! Good thing I like traveling because I can catch up on my sleep!

Yesterday we had a few lessons in our area and it went really good. It's super weird because I work with my companion, Elder Morales, only 2 days a week!  But we are having another baptism tonight so we are excited about that. We have 4 elders in our ward and its a baptism for the other elders but the girl lives in our area! We are super pumped for them though because they have baptized 5 weeks in a row now. One of the Elders has 4 months in the mission and the other has 4 weeks! They are super happy so we just keep giving them our referrals because they are super hard workers!

This next week we have zone conferences all week so I will be traveling all week again. It should be fun because I think President will take us out to nice restaurants again! Last week President's daughter got back from her mission in San Francisco so he has just been super happy all week! I am pretty sure she will be doing some of the zone conference activities with us so it should be fun to talk to her and see how everything is going back in the Bay!

Well I am doing great and loving it out here! Time is going by so fast! I can't believe I will have 11 months done on Tuesday! I love you all so much and I am so thankful for all the support you guys give me! I am prayin for you in every prayer and have an amazing week!!

Elder Payne

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