Monday, June 10, 2013

Week 44 - June 8, 2013 - Moved Again!

Well this week has been pretty good!! We got to work in our area all week so that was good to see some success again!! It's just tough because we are hardly in our area so we don't get to have many lessons. But it is awesome because we are having tons of success in our ward. We have 4 missionaries in our ward and we have a pretty good routine!! When Elder Morales and I are in our Area we just try and find as many people as we can...then when we have to travel, the other missionaries come and teach our investigators. We have 3 baptisms tonight so we are super excited about that!!

This last week we had divisions with a few of the zone leaders. On Monday I worked with one of the zone leaders in Morelia and then on Wednesday I went and worked with one of the zone leaders in Aeropuerto. It went well and I learned a lot. Hopefully I helped them learn some stuff too! I still feel kind of intimidated because I've only been out 10 months and I feel like all the zone leaders judge me!! But it's fun and I am working as hard as I can. It is definately a humbling experience.

We just found out the transfers 10 minutes ago. We have transfers on Monday and we had a bunch of changes this transfer. It is pretty cool to see what everyone is doing in the mission and where all my friends are going. We are going to send the email out to the zone leaders in an hour so that they can tell their zones tomorrow who is going where! 

Tomorrow morning we are traveling to Guadalajara to help with transfers. We have to take the gmissionaries going home to the airport and then also welcome in the new kids. I am super exited because its going to be tons of work but it will for sure be fun!! It is going to be a long day though!! We have to take the missionaries to the airport at 4 in the morning and then we have to be back at the aiport to welcome in the new missionaries at like 3 pm. So we are going to have lots to do! Elder Castro (my companion 2 transfers ago) is going home Monday. Its crazy how fast time goes by!!

Today we just moved into our new house. We were living with 2 other missionaries in their house and it was super fun but sister missionaries are going to be living there on Monday so we had to move today. Our house has NOTHING!!! All we have is running water and a tile floor. We dont have a fridge, a stove, a microwave...or anything hahaha!! So we will most likely be living the rough life for a few weeks.

Well I am doing great and absolutely loving the mission!! The weeks are flying by because there is always so much to do!! I feel stressed out but at the same time so blessed to be where I am at right now. There are always struggles and trials and that's a given no matter where you are. It's not important what kind of trials you have in your life- the important thing is learning how to overcome them. I love you all and I hope everything is going great!!

Elder Mike Payne

Mike thought this guy was pretty impressive!

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