Monday, July 8, 2013

Week 47 - July 6, 2013 - New Companion!

Well this week has been super good and super fast!!

To start off, we had special transfers on Monday. Elder Morales got transferred to Guadalajara to be an assistant there and the assistant over there, Elder Rueda, got transfered to be an assistant with me. He is like the coolest guy I have ever met. Man he is amazing!! I think he is hands down the best missionary in the mission. The reason why we had divisions was because Elder Rueda and Elder Holmquist (the other assistant in Guadalajara) have competed 21 months in the mission and President wants them to train next transfer. When he called to tell me about our changes he told me that I am now in charge of all the missionaries in Michaocan. Wow what a responsibility huh? Man I am super excited though because this experience has been so fun and I am so happy to be with Elder Rueda. It's super crazy because when I got to Mexico to start my mission, my zone leaders were Elder Castro and Elder Rueda...and I have now been companions with both!! 

Well on Tuesday we had a meeting with President all morning about all the changes that are going to happen in the mission. We will be opening up another zone out here in Michoacan in a few months, making it 11 zones in the mission. The new zone will be about 8 or 9 hours from the offices and 4 hours from Morelia (my area).  We had a meeting with him from 10 until 3 and then went to lunch with a new kid who just got here from Peru on Tuesday monring. We then went back to the offices to prepare for the zone leader councils and then ate dinner and had a fireside at the President´s house. 

On Wednesday we had our zone leader councils and it went really well. All of the zone leaders are super pumped up to work and see lots of success. Our mission is increasing like crazy and we are seeing lots of success!! President is super happy with us right now haha!! Then we traveled back to Morelia in President´s car. He is doing some stuff out here so he just asked us to travel with him. We didn´t get home until like 11pm and then I had to stay up until 1am waiting for all the other zone leaders to get in their house so that I could send the report to President.

On Thursday we woke up at 4:30 to take President to Uruapan (another zone in Michoacan). I got to drive and it was pretty crazy I must say. That was the first time I have driven in a year. It went well and President was very content with my driving, as he slept for 3 hours as we traveled haha!! I was so jealous as I would look back at him snoring, just wishing I could be in his position! We then came back to our area and worked all day and had lots of success.

Then today we met President at the bus station. He was doing a bunch of stuff over here in Michoacan. He was going to travel back to Guadalajara and doesn´t like to travel alone so he asked if we would go with him. We left here at 11 and got into Guadalajara at like 3:30. Then we got back onto a bus and traveled back to our area in Morelia. A loooong day!

It has been a crazy fast week and lots of fun. I love my new companion and I am souper excited to learn from him. He is slowly letting me in on his life before the mission. He use to be this crazy rockstar with long hair that use to travel the world with his band. The kid is incredible! He played drums for his band and was just livin the life. I have never heard his band but its called ¨Electric Co.¨ I guess they were super good because theyopened for lots of bands, like U2 and stuff!  He´s pretty much my idol haha!!

Well I love you guys and I hope you had an amazing week and an even more amazing week to come!! Thank you for all that you do!!

Elder Payne

Driving Presidents car to Uruapan for the first time in the mission.  Man I was so scared!  I'm sure I look hilarious driving for the first time in 11 months!

4th of July eating hot dogs!

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