Monday, May 27, 2013

Week 42 - May 27, 2013 - So much traveling!

Wow my schedule is just crazy!! The thing is that it will probably never be normal or relaxed because every six weeks we have to redo the entire routine!! Man it is so much fun, so much work, and just super crazy!! I feel like these last 3 weeks have just been a dream because of how fast time is going by!!

So last Monday Elder Christofferson came to speak to our mission and also the other mission here in Guadalajara.  It was super good!! We got to take a picture with him and the rest of our mission in front of the temple. Later we all got to shake his hand and greet him. 

He talked in spanish and it was incredible!! His spanish is amazing!! He talked about being worthy and ready to receive all the promptings that God has for us. He talked about having hardships and trials in the mission and how we can overcome them and put ALL our trust and confidence in the Lord. Then he asked if we had questions for him. After every question he had a reference in the Book of Mormon and his answers were all just super simple and all spot on. That was such an amazing experience that I will never forget!!

Then on Tuesday President Camarillo came and picked us up and we went traveling around Michoacan all week to have interviews with all the missionaries. We went to Uruapan on Wednesday, Morelia on Thursday, Aeropuerto on Friday, and Zamora on Saturday. During all the interviews Elder Morales and I had to check all their agendas and area books. We had 96 agendas and 192 area books to look at!! After about the first couple hours I was done with that hahaha!! But the rest of it was good!

Every day after interviews we would get into the Presiden'st car and he would ask where we wanted to go eat. Usually he just told us of a really good restaurant nearby and we drove to it. President doesn't like driving so he makes us drive...the only bad thing is that my license expired so he told me I can´t drive until I get it updated. Every time we traveled, President just slept in the back and Elder Morales and I just partied it up in the front hahaha!!

It was so fun to spend the whole week with President. He told us a bunch of stories about his life and how be came to be a mission president. He told us how he and his wife met and just a bunch of super cool and also funny stories. We all got to know each other really well last week haha!!

President doesn't like to travel alone so on Saturday we finished all the interviews and then we traveled 4 hours to go back to Guadalajara and then we had to take a bus 5 more hours to get back to Morelia haha!! So pretty much all day Saturday we were traveling!! 

This week we have zone leader councils in Guadalajara and we will be traveling back on Thursday. Then we are going to have divisions with a couple of the zone leaders from Thursday until Saturday so I am thinking we will most likely get to write again on Saturday...but who knows. As an assistant we are constantly changing plans so we never have any firm plans which kinda stinks!!

But just know that I am doing great and loving where I am at. Our schedule is crazy and I know that I don't get to write you as much as we would all like but I know that sacrifices bring blessings and there is no doubt that what I am doing out here will forever bless me and my family. I wish I could write you guys every day but I just want you to know how much I love you all and miss you like crazy!!!

Have an amazing week and I will talk to you soon. Not quite sure when but I will try and let you know as soon as I can haha!! 

Elder Payne

The mission and Elder Christofferson

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