Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Week 39 - May 6, 2013 - Rough Week

Well the week that I thought that was going to go by super fast, ended up going extremely slow!!  Man this is going to be a tough transfer!!!  So I will just start with Tuesday and Wednesday; we had our zone leader councils and it went really well. I learned lots! President Camarillo is the man! He just knows exactly what to say! It was nice to see all the other zone leaders and hang out with them. My new companion is probably the hardest working companion I have had, which is awesome... When we get into a lesson he is just super hyper and ready to go!  I think it rubs some people the wrong way, because we haven't had much success this week.  I fasted on Saturday and Sunday so that we can have more success together and that I can have more patience.  My companion is Elder Alvarado and he is 27 years old and used to be a fisherman before his mission.  We set up a bunch of divisions with our ward this last Sunday, so I am going to have him visit the less actives while another missionary and I visit the investigators.  Hopefully we can get some of them back on board! 

Well yesterday we had a pretty funny experience. We got on the bus to go to church - keep in mind that it is 10 am, and some Mexican I guess partied a little hard for cinco de mayo. As we got on the bus, I looked at the ground and noticed a stream of liquid headed toward the front of the I followed the stream, I saw some guy sitting in his chair with his beer in his hand, just completely passed out. As the bus would put the brakes on, his momentum would go forward, making all his beer just pour out of his huge one liter bottle. As I examined a little more, I noticed this man just dripping beads of sweat and his ¨pride and joy¨ sticking out of his zipper of his the things that I see here in Mexico...  Never a dull bus ride!
Well that was my week. I am going to work as hard as I possibly can to do everything I can for this ward and our investigators. 

I love you all so much and thank you for all the love and support. You guys are all amazing!! 
Have an amazing week andI´ll SEE (Skype) you soon!!

Elder Mike Payne
PS- ALL my teams get blessed because of me!! Keep cheerin on the BAY!!!

Last pic with Elder Castro... miss that kid!
Me and my friend Bessy.  She always hangs out by that fence and she is one of my good friends!
The new zone

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