Monday, May 20, 2013

Week 41 - May 18, 2013 - Blue Eyes?!

This week has been a pretty good week! So on Monday I traveled to Zamora (a zone) to work with one of the zone leaders there. I worked with this kid named Elder De Los Santos, he is a pretty cool dude.  We had a pretty funny lesson... we had a family home evening and as we began, one of the daughters started telling me how much she loved me eyes.  It started to get kind of awkward because she just kept staring at me. The whole family starting commenting as well about how much they loved my eyes and it just completely ruined the family night and our lesson! hahaha  Blue eyes aren't very common in Mexico! Neither is blonde hair!

Then on Wednesday morning, I came back to our area for a few hours and then went to Uruapan (another zone). I dropped off Elder Morales there and came back with Elder Pintor. We worked in our area and had some crazy lessons!!

We had a lesson with one of our investigator families; they are super cool but they have some crazy beleifs!! They told us they have been baptized in 4 different churches and they believe in every belief in every church. They are mainly focused on Krishna right now. It's some Indian religion and they were telling us some of their beliefs and I couldnt take it any more haha!! They showed us a picture of Krishna and he is blue! Elder Pintor looked at me and asked ¨Is that Avatar?¨ hahaha but they said they love reading the Book of Mormon and thery want to come to church, but they have a lot of other beliefs to drop before they can get baptized.

Then we had a lesson with another family, they are all members except for the Dad. As we got up to the house, we noticed him passed out in the drivers seat of the car. We entered the house and then like 5 minutes later we hear the car start and he just started honking his horn like crazy. He was super upset that we were there so we told him that we would leave. Before we could leave, he told us to sit down because he had a few quetions for us. He asked us some crazy questions and then just started ripping on his wife! I felt so bad for her. He was just screaming all of these horrible things and telling us how much his wife has ruined his life and how he wants to get divorced. He just went on for like 15 minutes and we couldn´t stop him because he just kept talking even if we tried to interrupt. We eventually just set another time to come back because there was no way we were going to have a good lesson with him there. We asked if we could end with a prayer and he said that he would do it. In his prayer he just started yelling cuss words and telling God how much he hates his wife and how unhappy he was with her. I wanted to hit the guy so hard, I felt so bad for his poor wife and daughter that were just sitting there listening :(

But then on Friday morning I met up with Elder Morales and we had a few lessons. We had a church activity last night and it was incredible!! It's pretty hard working in your area as an assistant because you are only there like 3 days of the week. But in our activity we had 5 of our investigators there and they loved it! We just played a ton of sports and it was super fun. We had more people at the activity than we did at church last week!!

Tomorrow (Sunday) we are going to be traveling to Guadalajara. Elder Cristofferson is coming on Monday to talk to our mission. I am sooooo excited!! It has been so much work for my companion and I trying to plan how everyone is going to make it to Guadalajara. Imagine trying to find a ride for 86 missionaries without cars to get to Guadalajara which is like 7 hours away!! So I just cant wait for all this stress to be over so I can just sit down and listen to Elder Cristofferson!

I love you guys and I hope you all had an amazing week!! Man it was so good to talk to the family last week!! Nothing like getting to see the whole family again!! Take care and keep enjoying life!!

Elder Mike Payne

Mother's Day breakfast... pancakes with peanut butter.  Yum!!!!
Skyping with the fam on Mother's Day! :)
A Catholic Cathedral... it was huge!
On divisions with Elder Pinto.  I was lost and was calling the sister to get directions to her house haha... it's tough opening up an area!
Morelia Centro at night
Another picture of Morelia Centro at night

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