Thursday, June 12, 2014

Week 94 - June 2, 2014 - A Rough Week

This week was definitely a week of trials and challenges. Just about everything we had planned fell through and it was such a frustrating week but its okay because I have learned a lot about myself this last week. I am thankful for the trails that I have in my life because they allow me to recognize all the blessings that I have in my life.

To start off we didn't go to the temple this last week because the temple was closed and will remain closed for two more weeks. We got a phone call on Thursday night saying that they are going to postpone it for a few weeks. The good thing is that they are foir sure going through this month so sometime before I go home this family will be going through the temple!!

We were supposed to have a baptism this week but the day of his baptism it was pouring rain and he didn't want to walk to the church. We then called a taxi and he said that he would rather sleep on his hammock than get baptized. His name is Fidencio and he is 84 years old and is just a super bipolor man. Some days he is just super happy and others he doesn't want anything to do with us. But we will continue to teach him and see what happens.

But anyways that's about it for the week. This next week we should be having two more baptisms. Let's hope that they don't fall through like this last week. All we can do is work as hard as we can. I have learned throughout my mission that we can never take someone's agency. But they are two awesome investigators named Maria and Mirna so we hope all goes well.

Like I said it was a pretty rough week but we are working as hard as we can and the Lord is blessing us. I am so happy to be out here and I am going to take advantage of these last few weeks that I have. NO REGRETS!!

Thanks for everything and all the support!!  I gotta get back to work :)


Elder Mike Payne 

The Lazaro Cardenas zone - my last zone meeting was on Friday 
Two iguanas that we killed today!  Tomorrow night we are going to eat iguana!!!

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