Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Week 85 - May 31, 2014 - Off to my last area, Zihuatenejo / Ixtapa!

Well I'm not quite sure how to feel right now. I loved pretty much
every single second of the time I had with Elder Cantu in Chapala. I
will never forget the people I met and I will forever be grateful for
the opportunity I had to cross paths with them. 
I love them all so much and I was able to learn something different
from each member in that branch.

Last week in my email to president I told him that if I get transferred
I would love to be with an elder who needs lots of help and support in
an area that also needs lots of help. I figure every missionary wants
to be in the nicest, most successful area of the mssion serving with
their best friend. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but many times we
need to make sacrifices. Instead of always wanting the best for
yourself, many times we need to think about how we can help others
that are in need.

So on saturday I got a phone call from President Camarillo thanking me
for the letter he received. He then told me he accepted my challenge
and that he was going to put me in a branch that hasn't had much
success. They don't have any investigators that are progressing. He then
told me that my companion needs lots of help to be more obedient and
to be more excited to work. He told me that I would be going to the
farthest area from the mission home to a pueblo called San Jeronimito.
It's about 15 minutes from Zihuatenejo and Ixtapa- two of the nicest
beaches in Mexico. It is about 120 degrees on a normal day with lots
of humidity. It is about 14 hours by bus from the mission home. I am
very nervous but at the same time very excited to finish with a tough
3 months coming up. I hope to be able to learn lots about myself.

We finished our week with another baptism on Saturday. Her name is
Maria Fernanda. We baptized her mom, Emma, last week. Her
dad wouldn't give her permission to be baptized last week with her
mom. After lots of prayers, he said that she could be
baptized and that he would support her. It was such a big miracle for
us. It was such a good day to see her and her mom be confirmed
yesterday. They are so happy!! :)

With Elder Cantu, we baptized 11 people in 11 weeks. All 11 were at
church yesterday! It makes me so happy to know that the people I
taught and baptized are strong in the church. I will miss them all so
much!! The Lord puts people in our lives that turn out to be people we
will never forget. I am glad we were able to bring the gospel into all of
those peoples lives.

I can't begin to explain how much I will miss serving with Elder Cantu.
That guy is one of my best friends and taught me so much while we were
together. I hope to be able to see him after the mission!!

Well I am sitting on the bus right now. We left our house at 8 this
morning and I don't think I will stop traveling until about 11 o'clock
tonight. It's gunna be a long day! But I'm excited to finally get
there and work as hard as I can. 3 more months of hard work and then I
will get to rest for a couple months...until school starts again.

Thank you so much for the love and support you all give me.
Transfers are always tough because you leave the people you love and
it's hard not to get homesick...good thing this is my last transfer
until I come home... or at least I hope!!!

Have a great week and know that God loves you all... and I do too :)

Elder Mike Payne
Elder Cantu and I walking under a bridge
Sitting reading our scriptures
Sitting on the bridge
Cleaning the font for our baptism haha
Filling the baptismal font with a big water hose because we didn't have any water in the church.  We had to call a big water tank
Pumping water into the church haha
Maria Fernanda's baptism
Brother Stong
Brother and sister Rocke
Oliva Family
The church plaque in Chapala
Missionary bulletin board in Chapala
Last pizza night with Elder Cantu
Andrea and Sister Esperanza
The Neri Zuniga family
Steven and Morgan
Sister Keeler and Sister Pat Larkin
Brother and Sister Reed and Brother Keeler
Steven McCombs
The Nuno family
The De Anda family
Sister Laura Perez and Yassi
Jose Guadalupe and the crew
Zevallos family
Juan and Blanca Parra
My final goodbye to Elder Cantu... with the leg raise haha

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