Monday, April 7, 2014

Week 86 - April 7, 2014 - Where am I?! What did I get myself into?

Wow I don't know where to start!  This last week was a good week. This is a tough area, man I am dying in this heat!  It's good because it makes me focus and get to work but man it is tough out here.

When I got here we had no investigators and no baptismal dates. My companion, Elder Aviles, is a good guy.  He is from Chile. He and his las companion didn't have much success here, so we are going to work as hard as we can and hopefully see more success here.

The weather here is insane!! The beach isn't in our area, but it's about 25 minutes from us. Everyone is just super relaxed. They all lay on their hammocks and drink out of coconuts all day. The people are open to talk to but don't really wanna change. They are happy and content with their lives. It is so hot and humid here and I am constantly sweating. Our entire area is dirt and we pretty much only have palm trees in our area, which doesn't give too much shade... so I am pretty much walking in the sun all day!!  Our area is really big and the buses only run on the main streets.

Well there are tons of pigs in our area as well.  We saw one family preparing the pig like they do in Hawaii- where they dig a hole and bake it all day under ground. But seriously the pigs here are like dogs. They just walk around and sleep and make annoying noises all day! haha It's awesome. We have tons of lizards in our house that eat all the cockroaches and other bugs. There are a bunch of iguanas outisde of our house as well that just hang out in the trees and sleep all day. In just about every street we walk down we see dead frogs, so I think that's about it for the animals out here. Pretty weird but awesome!

The branch seems really cool. We have about 60 people going to church every week but there is lots of potential. The branch President is 25 years old and he is awesome. He goes out and visits less actives every day with his wife. His wife was just baptized in July of last year so they will get sealed in a few months.

I really enjoyed conference... My LAST one!!!!  I'm not sure if you guys watched all the sessions but there was a talk in the Saturday afternoon session that I really liked. One of the seventy, Zivic, talked about the trials that we have in our lives. He related his talk to an experience he had at Delicate Arch- what a coincidence hahaha. He said that the hike was hard but when he got to the top that the view was worth it. Many times in our lives we quit before we can see the results. Listening to his talk really helped me because in 3 months when I look back on this experience I am sure I will realize how great this time was and how much I learned. 

I also really liked President Monson's talk in the priesthood session. He talked about how we need to love everyone and also about our integrity. He said that we need to be the same person in the dark as we are in the light of the day. Many times when no one is looking we decide to be disobedient or not do what we should. But when we are in front of others we put on a face so that everyone thinks we are great people. No matter where we are or who we are with, we need to be obedient and do what the Lord wants us to do. Obey today - Understand tomorrow.

Well that's about it for my week. Today we went to Zihuatenejo and went to the beach, well kinda.  We just walked along the sand for a little bit and took some pictures. It was so nice to see the actual ocean. In Chapala it was just a lake, but today I saw the ocean for the first time in a very long time!!!  I will continue to work as hard as I can so that I can return with no regrets!!

Love you and have a great week!!! :)

Elder Mike Payne
The zone Lazaro Cardenas
Elder Aviles and I
Walking in the desert haha this is how our whole area is!
Me dying in the heat haha
Me praying for my dinner... one hot dog.  We had NO food in our house and it was Sunday so we couldn't buy anything.  All I had for dinner was a hot dog with hot sauce on it haha
Houses on the hill in Zihuatenejo.  Super cool city 
My name tag in the sand
Wrote my name in the sand haha

The Canadian boats haha

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