Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 84 - March 24, 2014 - Got GOAT Milk?!

Well this week has been another incredible week out here in Chapala. I love this place so much. we have transfers next week so I hope I don't leave, but I feel like I am.

We had another baptism yesterday and it went really well. The girl we baptized is named Emma. She is seriously a pilgrim. She is one of the strongest converts I have had out here in Mexico. She was going to be baptized last week but her husband wouldn't give her permission so we couldn't do it. There were so many trials and difficulties this last week but she fought through it and ended up being baptized yesterday. 

She shared her testimony at the end of her baptism and it was so great. There were many people crying, knowing the experiences she has had to get to that point. Baptism is such a great thing because it allows us to forget about all the things that we have done wrong, and focus on how we can change our future. The past has happened and we can't change anything about it, so that's why it is so important to repent and be made clean through the mercy of Jesus Christ. 

I always relate baptism to driving without mirrors. If we don't have mirrors, it makes it hard to look back. We can still look back, but it takes more effort to look over our shoulder. And often times that makes us drift off the ¨path¨. We cannot correct the wrong turns we have made, but we can get back on the right path to get to the kingdom of heaven. Baptism is so incredible!

Emma´s daughter, Maria, should be having her baptism this next week.  She brought a friend to the baptism and her friend commented that she also wanted to be baptized next week. We told her that she we will need to wait a few weeks sop that we can teach her and so that she can come to church more, but it's just crazy to see all the little miracles that are going on here in Chapala. We should also be baptizing a family of 4 in April. That would put us at seven baptisms in the next 5 weeks. Man I love this place so much!

So this morning  Elder CantĂș and I woke up at 4:30 to go with Morgan (a return missionary in our branch) and Maxima (one of our investigators) to go drink goat milk. I guess its something pretty popular here in Chapala and Morgan has been inviting us for a while. 

So like I said, we got up at 4:30 and Morgan picked us up from our house. We got to the top of the hill where this goat farm is and gave this guy our cups. He then went and selected a goat, milked it, and returned our cup full. As I grabbed my cup, the warm sensation made me feel sick to my stomach hahaha. We brought chocolate powder. As I mixed it I just hoped that I wouldn't throw up and embarrass myself in front of everyone hahaha! It was actually super good! It was a good experience.

Well I am doing great and loving where I am at! I seriously couldn't be happier! I love this work and this church. I know without a doubt that this is the only true church on this earth. Although there are many good churches, there is a difference between agood church and a true church. I hope that each one of you can read this and pray to the Lord and ask him.  I know He will give you the answer!

Thanks for all the prayers and support!! Only 13 weeks left!

Elder Mike Payne

The Jehovas witness church right behind ours
Walking in Jocotepec with Elder Cantu
The dinner Claudia's mom made for us
Funny car accident... I guess they were too excited to get their beer haha
Emma's baptism
The sun rise this morning
The 4 coolest kids ever
That's my cup :) 
The toast
I was more scared than I look haha
There is a picture of Christ where he is carrying a sheep... being a missionary I kinda had to take a pic haha
The goat on my shoulders 
Drinking my milk
Another sun rise picture
Me and Elder Cantu
You can't have a sun rise in Mexico without a horse

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