Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Week 89 - April 28, 2014 - 9!

Well I am now into single digits (weeks) left!! Crazy to think how fast time is going by out here. Some days seem long but the weeks are starting to feel like days! I can't even describe my feelings out here. This week has been incredible. Not gunna lie, some days are BAD!!!!  BUT other days completely make up for the bad days.

Every day I feel like my skin is just peeling off my face. I have never felt heat so strong in my entire life- then add on pants, a white shirt, and a tie. Man it's ridiculous. I know I write about the heat every week but every week the weather just keeps getting hotter. The people say that the heat is just starting... I can only imagine!!!! hahaha! The most frustrating feeling is when all of our lessons fall through and no one has any interest at all in the message we are sharing with them. It is so easy to get down on yourself in an area like this. But for all the hard work that Elder Aviles and I are doing, the Lord is blessing us a lot out here in this pueblo.

Yesterday at church we had 83 people there. In the last 2 weeks we have increased the church attendance by 31!!  Elder Aviles told me the most he has seen here at church is 65. The branch president was so happy yesterday as our gospel principles class was completely full!!  It was a pretty interesting class. Ten of the seventeen people in the class had no clue what was going on. Being their first time at church, they were completely lost. An older guy, who we contacted in the street a few days earlier, entered in the chapel during a talk with no shirt nor shoes and yelled in spanish ¨Man the air conditioning is nice and fresh!¨ hahaha  Gotta love the people out here in the pueblo. They are great and very humble!

We had 9 investigators at church yesterday and we will be having a baptism this Saturday. All of the hard work we have done in this last month is finally paying off.  I am so thankful for the trials I have because it truly makes me realize the blessings in my life.

I was so happy to hear about the baby last week. Obviously I would love to be there but I guess I will have to wait a couple months! Congratulations to Christy and Dan for the successful delivery. Collin is such a cute little baby... well for as cute as a newborn can be. Most of them look like aliens hahaha! But congrats and I can't wait to see him!!

Thanks for everything!! You guys are amazing!!! As you know, I received some of my travel plans this last week. I'm almost posive I will be flying into the Oakland International Airport on July 1st. I will get there at about noon! Thanks for everything you do for me!! Have an amazing week :)

Elder Mike Payne
In Zihuatenejo on splits
Lots of palm trees in San Jeronimito!
Not to bad… being surrounded by these two cities haha
A text we received this last week from President Camarillo.  It says, "Good morning.  A hug to both of you.  Thank you for your great work."
A rodeo for midgets haha I thought it was pretty funny!
The fair here in San Jeronimito
Funny public bathrooms sign haha
The Catholic church in our area.  It is closed because parts of the church fell down in the earthquake.  You can see a couple cracks from the picture but nothing TOO big
An armadillo shell!

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