Thursday, March 13, 2014

Week 81 - March 3, 2014 - Am I Dreaming?!

This week was another good week. Man the weeks are feeling like days! I know I say this every week but time is going by so fast!!

On Tuesday we went to Guadalajara for the zone leader councils. It went really well. We got to eat ¨Carne en su jugo¨ at the mission home. That is a really famous Guadalajara dish here. It was super good!! Then we had the fireside and it went really well. President Camarillo is so amazing! He talked about the armor of God and how we need to be protected. He talked about worthiness and told us all how we need to be worthy to receive the blessings the Lord has for us. He talked about many other things but it was a super good fire side.

Then on Wednesday we had the meeting. We started at 7:30 and ended at like 3. It went really well. President is really happy with us and the rest of the zone. Elder Cantú and I are working super hard so its nice to see lots of success out here. We should be having about 5 baptisms this month so we are gunna keep working as hard as we can so it all works out!

The rest of the week was just full of lessons. It went really well. We found a bunch of awesome investigators and we put a few new baptismal dates this last week. We have been working super hard with a less active family. The dad was the first counselor in the branch about 7 years ago and the last time he went to church was about 6 years ago. He and his family have now come to church 3 weeks in a row and their son will be getting baptized on March 16th.

We are still working hard with Maxima. He was supposed to be baptized a couple weeks ago but he said he wanted more support from his family. We are teaching his family and trying to get them more involved with everything. Hopefully within these next couple weeks he can be baptized as well and that he can set a good example for the rest of his family.

We are also working very hard with Maria Elena. She is an investigator we found a few weeks ago. She has her baptismal date set for March 23rd. She called me last week and said she wanted to be baptized this week and that she is willing to do whatever it takes to be baptized. She is incredible and she is chosen!!! But she needs to go to church a few more times so we are still looking at March 23rd but we will see what happens...she might be baptized before but it all depends I guess. She has two other friends that are also preparing for baptism the same day as her. Their names are Rocío and Emma. Those three girls have so much potential and they will be great members of the church in a few weeks!

We have so many investigators right now and I wish I could write you a little paragraph about each of them because I love them all so much but I would be here all day haha so I will write you about one or two of them each week. We already have our daily planners full with lessons for this week. There is so much work out here and it makes the time go by so fast!!

Have a great week!
Elder Payne

We made our own homemade corn dogs :)
The boys!  Some of the other zone leaders
The mission plaque... the best mission in the world!

Walking down the train tracks in Ocotian with Elder Cantu
A Jesus statue
Another picture of Chapala
Elder Stevenson haha his glasses broke and had to put a rubber band to make them stay on... then he siad that it was too tight and it was hurting his nose... so he put a tissue to give him more protection haha I love this guy!
Our very healthy breakfast this morning :)
The mission offices
A nice chocolate cake we got

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