Thursday, March 13, 2014

Week 82 - March 10, 2014 - A year ago I was still in my first area... that's weird!!

Time is going by so fast and I am loving it so much out here!!! It is so great!!! I love almost every second of every day. It's definitely not easy but it is so worth it. The Lord has provided so many blessings for us and I can't believe some of the things I am experiencing. It just makes me feel that the mission is more for me than anyone else. I have been a part of so many miracles and I give thanks to the Lord for each moment I have to be here in Mexico.

This week has been a great week. My comp and I are working so hard! We had 64 lessons last week and we are constantly trying to find new people to teach. We had divisions with the assistants last week and it went really well. I got to work with Elder Morales, my first comp that I had as an assistant. It was so much fun to work with him again. He goes home in just three weeks and I can't believe it!!

Well this last week we had an incredible lesson with one of our investigators Maria Elena. She is seriously one of the strongest people I have taught in the mission. Every day she just shares incredible stories she has been having about how she is receiving answers that this is the true church. She expressed her desire to be baptized as soon as she can and she said she wanted to be baptized this next Sunday. We told her we would say a prayer and ask the Lord. 

As we all knelt down, she started her prayer crying and pleading to the Lord. She told him how much she needs this in her life right now and how badly she wants to repent of her past life. She asked the Lord for strength and understanding so that she could be ready for her baptism as soon as possible. When she ended the prayer, there was a silence for about 30 seconds. I opened my eyes and looked at Elder Cantú. He nodded to me and made the motion to put the baptismal date for this upcoming Sunday. As we extended the invitation she started crying and just thanked us for everything that we have done for her. 

We are also having Cesar's baptism this weekend. I told you the story about him and his family last week but it should be a great experience. He is a great kid and is always looking to help others. That family is incredible and I love them so much! They have had so many trials in these last 6 years but they have now been to church five weeks in a row. We went over to their house on Saturday night and they were ironing their clothes and getting ready for Sunday. How many of us really prepare for Sunday? I think that is something I will need to change when I come home. The Lord loves us all and knows what is best for us. I am so blessed to be able to know this family and be able to help them out with the trials and temptations they are having in their lives.

We are teaching another investigator and her daughter. They are amazing. The dad/husband isn't verey happy with them going to church. She wants to be baptized this week as well but we aren't going to baptize them until we get permission from her husband. The church is meant to help and build families- not destroy them. We are going to keep working with them so that one day the whole family can be baptized!

Well that's about it for the week! Thank you for everything you guys do for me!! It is so nice to have so much support!! Have a great week!! :)

Elder Mike Payne

Me riding a bush horse haha
Giving service :)

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