Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 60 - October 7, 2013 - Normal missionary life :)

Wow what an amazing week!! One of those weeks where I am exhausted but a good exhausted...not a super stressed out exhausted!!

I love working in my area and being able to focus on just the investigators of my area. We actually haven't had a phone all week so we have been calling our zone leaders from a pay phone every night to tell them we are in our house and then we don't have to worry about phone calls the rest of the night!! I have never been so happy to not have a phone hahaha!! 

Well we now have over 20 investigators and we are working our tails off! I have never had so many people so interested. They all have trials and difficulties but I mean who doesn't?!  Out of the 20+ investigators we have, 15 of them consist of families. We are working really hard on baptizing both complete and part member families. Last week we had 27 lessons and I can't remember the last time I have loved the people like I do now.  Transfers are on Monday, so keep your fingers crossed that I get to stay here!  I would feel really sad leaving all these great people when I'm not finished teaching them!  I know the Elder who would replace me would do an awesome job.

We were able to bring many of our investigators to general conference to watch a couple sessions. It was super awesome!! They are all super interested and willing to change...just some of the cases are a little hard. Three of the families we are teaching all need to get divorced from their past husbands/wives and then remarried haha so its gunna take some time but they are willing and ready!

General conference was incredible!! I can't believe I only have one left and then I will be home!!! I think my favorite talk was from President Uchtdorf on Saturday morning. His theme was ¨Come, Join with us!¨ He talked about how many hours we put into church and our callings. He then began to list off all the blessings that we are able to receive by putting in selfless hours of service. He extended the invitation to all of those who have fallen away and all those who are investigating the church to come and join with us so that they can see why we are so happy and why we put so many hours into this church. So for all of you who read this and aren't members and who question ¨why?¨ I challenge you all as well to come and join with us. See what we do on Sundays and if you don't like it then you don't have to come back again. I promise you will feel different and that you will feel the pwoer of God more in your lives!

Thank you for everything and have an amazing week!!!

Elder Mike Payne

Martin's baptism
Martin's baptism
After my first good nights rest in 5 months.  Elder Rueda was laughing because I was so happy and took this picture at 6:40 haha I have never been so well rested in my life!
The Rojas family.  They are great!
This kid is hilarious!  He loves to be very vocal in sacrament meeting haha
I thought the air conditioner in this car was hilarious
Elder Rueda being spiderman 
Playing patty cake with the bishop's kids
One of the primary girls wrote me a letter and this is how she wrote "Elder Payne" haha so funny!
Drive through beer stores... only in Mexico haha

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