Saturday, September 28, 2013

Week 59 - September 28, 2013 - Teaching again! Yes!!!

So this week has been a pretty crazy week!! I would have to say Monday and Tuesday were two of the longest days of the mission so far, with Elder Rueda's knee still in pain.  I thought laying in my bed all day would be nice...but when you don't have a TV, or computer, and you can only read and watch church movies... it's pretty boring. We taught one lesson.  I seriously felt soooo homesick!!  I just sat on my bed all day and thought about what I could be doing if I were home.  Staying busy makes the time go by so much faster!  Little by little, Elder Rueda's knee started to feel better. On Wednesday we were able to walk around a little bit and have some good lessons. He was on crutches all week so we went super slow. 

Martin had his interview with the stake President last night. HE PASSED!!!  Tonight we are going to baptyize Martin, we are so happy!  Last night we had our ¨Noche Mexicana¨ where we celebrated the Mexican Independence day. It's usually on September 15th but we had a bunch of stuff going on in the church these past couple weeks. Anyways, it was super good!! We brought five of our investigators and a bunch of less actives, they loved it!

This morning President Camarillo called and told us that we are only going to be having only two assistants now - the two in Guadalajara!  Elder Rueda and I are SUPER happy about it!!  We are finally going to be working in our area every day and we don't have to worry about all the other missionaries in the state of Michoacan!!!  So I'M FREE!!!  It was fun to be an assistant for the last 6 months, and really cool to get to travel around the mission and spend time with President, but I was really missing the people and getting to see their lives change as they accepted the gospel.  We did what we needed to do with all the new areas that we opened and all the new apartments that we set up for the many new Elders & Sister missionaries that came to our mission.  Traveling by bus everywhere is a little tiring too, so we are super pumped to get to stay in our area! 

Well this next week we are going to work super hard and try and bring everyone to General Conference. We have tons of investigators and now that we will be able to work every day, we will be able to focus on their needs and help them all out!  So it should be a great week!  

Love you guys and thank you for everything!! You are the best :)

Elder Payne

Reppin the Cougs from Mexico
I thought this was pretty funny... the rims broke so this person used zip ties to fix it.  There are so many cars that have these!
The super big elotes decoration
Eating corn on the cob haha it's super popular in Mexico.  They are called "elotes"
The "Noche Mexicana"
The closet
The kitchen
Our study room.  I'm a lot more organized than my companion... thanks to my father ;)
Where we wash our clothes
Our bedroom
Me outside of our house pointing to our window

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