Sunday, September 22, 2013

Week 58 - September 21, 2013 - Sleep!

Well this week went by incredibly fast!! Man I am exhausted!! I think this week has been one of the most exhausting weeks that I have had in the mission so far!! I have never been so tired haha! But that's the mission right?!  We have had a lot of rain and some flash floods and wind, but not as bad as other parts of Mexico.

On Monday President Camarillo and his wife came and picked us up and took us to dinner. It was super good!! Then we drove to Uruapan and got there at like 11. We stayed with the zone leaders. So I stayed up and talked to Elder Quinney until like 2am! It was pretty fun...until we had to wake up at 5:30, not so fun. 

Then on Tuesday we had the zone conference in Uruapan. At about 4 we finished and drove back to Morelia. We stopped for dinner when we got here and it was super good!  I love eating with President because we always go to super nice restaurants! We got back to our house at about 10 and had to get some stuff finished up and plan for the zone conference in Morelia.

On Wednesday we had the zone conferences in Morelia and we were able to work in our area the rest of the day. So we got to our area and had a couple lessons with our investigators. It went really well. Our investigator, Martin, is progressing super well and should be getting baptized this next Saturday. 

On Thursday we had the zone conferences in Aeropuerto and then drove to Zamora. 

On Friday we had the zone conferences in Zamora and then President told me: ¨There is no way I am going to be able to drive home. I am too tired!¨ So we drove him and his wife to their house. I was dying to stay awake, meanwhile President and his wife were sound asleep in the back. It was pouring as well!! A drive that should have taken us 2 hours ended up taking 4 because of all the traffic and car accidents!! It was crazy!! We got to Guadalajara at like 9:30 and President told us to stay the night with the secretaries. So we met up with them at the offices and I got to pick up my packages!! OH MY GOSH!!!! Those packages are amazing!!! I am so happy!! I think I have candy for just about the rest of my mission ahah!! Thank you so much for everything!! And I will for sure wear my BYU shirt tonight as I think about my cougs beating the Utes haha!

This morning we woke up and Elder Rueda couldn't get out of bed. For some reason his knee was killing him and he literally couldn't walk. So we went to the hospital at like 8 this morning. We were there for a couple hours taking x-rays and seeing what was the problem. It turns out that a tendon that is rubbing againts his bone. So then we left the hospital to travel back to Morelia.

The doctor told Elder Rueda that he can't walk or do anything physical for 3 days. So we might have to stay in the house for a couple days because it looks super painful to watch him walk.  I just feel so guilty staying at the house when there's so much work to be done!

Well my week went really well and just flew by!! I seriously feel like this whole last week was just a dream! But I am doing great and loving the mish! I think when I get home I will have to sleep for like 20 days to make up for all the sleep that I have lost!

Hope you all had a great week and thank you for all the love and support!

Elder Payne

One of the young men from our ward that left on his mission last week.  Super funny because his girlfriend is from the Buenos Aires ward which was my first area haha
The Morelia zone... THE BEST ZONE IN THE MISH!!! haha technically that is my zone
Minutes before the flash flood as I was driving to Guadalajara haha
I thought this was a cool picture!

In the hospital this morning with Elder Rueda haha
Eating my peanuts at the central (bus station)

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