Saturday, August 24, 2013

Week 54 - August 24, 2013 - 13 Months!

So this week was pretty good. We traveled more and had more divisions so it was just like every other week I guess haha!! 

On Tuesday we started divisions with Zamora 1 and I got to work with Elder Perrett.  He is a pretty cool kid. We had some sweet lessons in his area and saw a couple miracles. That zone hasn't been baptizing much lately and my goal was to help him and his zone have some success. So we called all the missionaries and talked to them about their investigators and they ended up having 3 baptisms this week. All the missionaries needed was a little motivation and some positive reinforcement and it was all good.

Then on Wednesday the party started haha!! I got to work with Elder Quinney, one of my best friends in the mission. We worked in his area and it was super fun. We got to his area at like 2:00 on Wednesday and then went to a few lessons. Then we were walking to their baptismal interview and found a donkey on the side of the road. We thought it would be super funny to jump on the donkey haha!! I took a video of Elder Quinney but I can't send that unfortunately so I will send pictures, although that won`t do it justice haha!!

Then on Thursday we had to go to Apatzingan to do 4 baptismal interviews. It was good. Apatzingan is just a crazy place. That's where I did divisions last week. It is super hot and just super......not safe hahahahaha!!! But I love it!! We ate at one of their investigators house`s and she gave us...wait for it....TACO BELL!!! Her sister works at Taco Bell in California and so she sends her all the sauces, meats, and all that other good stuff. It was amazing!!! Man I miss the American/Mexican food!! haha! Then we traveled back to Uruapan and got back at like 11pm haha so we didn't do much except go to bed!

Today we were supposed to have a baptism but he's not quite ready. He is such an incredible dude!! He has come from such a tough background and has improved his life like crazy!! Although he can't get baptized yet, we are excited to continue to work with him and help him out! 

I love you all and I hope you had an amazing week!!! Thank you for all the love and all the support!!!

Our church.  It's small but really nice!
It was my companion's birthday on Monday so I made him breakfast in bed... cereal haha.  We didn't have anything else haha
Washing my clothes by hand on the washboard
Going to Sirloin Stockade for my companion's birthday with some other missionaries
Petting a horse in Uruapan
Jumping on the donkey
The donkey chasing me
Elder Quinney trying to milk the cow that looks like it is going to explode haha.  The cow quickly started running away!
You will only find this here... two guys riding horses in the middle of the street haha

These kids from Uruapan are super funny!
Elder Quinney and I walking in Uruapan

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