Sunday, August 4, 2013

Week 51 - August 3, 2013 - More Traveling!

So I was talking to my companion today and I asked him ¨what did we do this week that I could write home about?!¨ hahaha I feel so bad because I feel like as an assistant its just a routine. Every transfer is the same thing: meetings, zone conferences, interviews.... But I will try as hard as I can to remember exciting things that happened this last week haha

On Monday we got to work in our area!! And we found some super good investigators! We found three investigators and we are hoping that they will progress. It will be tough since these next couple weeks we won't be in our area but we have put some super good hermanos (sisters) in the ward to work with them while we are gone. On Sunday and Monday we had a combined 14 lessons! It was nuts!! We don't get much time to work in our area so the time we get we are practically just running around trying to have as many lessons as we can haha!!

On Tuesday morning we traveled at 4 in the morning to Guadalajara. We had our meeting with President from 10 until 3. Then we had to make the agenda for the zone leader councils. That took another hour and then we went to his house for dinner with all the zone leaders. He gave a super good fireside, just talking about faith and focusing on the work. A lot of zone leaders weren't ver happy though because he just took sports activities away from us on P-days because a couple missionaries got hurt so now we cant play :/  but it's okay because I don't really get a P-day anyways so it didn't affect me haha!!

Then on Wednesday we had our zone leader councils and it went really well. We talked about a bunch of stuff but we focused a lot on the four groups of people that we need to teach : active members, less actives, recent converts, and investigators. We talked about their roles in the church and how we need to be working with all of them. Then we traveled back to our area and got home at like 11pm.

On Thursday we started divisions with Aeropuerto. I worked with Elder Moreno in my area. He just got called as a zone leader 2 weeks ago so he was kinda nervous while working with me. After a few hours I showed him that I was a funny dude and we had lots of fun together. We had some good lessons and worked hard. 

Then on Friday we traveled to Aeropuerto and ended divisions. Elder Rueada and I stayed and watched their zone meeting at their church to see how they are doing. Their zone always puts crazy monthly goals for baptisms and they never get even close to completing so we just wanted to give them a little extra ummphh for this month haha!!

Then today elder Rueda and I went to Plaza Morelia. It is super nice!! It reminds me a lot of the Stoneridge Mall...but with lots of mexican stores haha!! They actually had some sweet American stores and I bought a snapback beach hat. Its super sweet :) ahhh the little things that get me excited out here haha

Tomorrow we have to travel to Guadalajara again to sign stuff for my visa. Then we are going to travel with President all week to do interviews. It should be a fun week because we always get to eat super well and just kinda chill with President. I am pretty excited...BUT then again we have to revise all the area books and agendas so that takes a while and it's super annoying haha but its one of the things I gotta do so its all good!!

This week I was studying on accepting the will of the Lord and working as hard as you can. At times I just wish I could work in the field and see lots of baptisms again and be a part of all the miracles of a mission. But this week I was studying about the atonement and about all that Christ did for us. I love the scripture that says "If it is your will, let this cup pass from me."  At the hardest time of his life, Christ was putting God first and doing everything he could for US. I was then reading in "Our Search for Happiness" and it says somthing along the lines of "If we strive to be like Christ- serve like he did, love like he did, and be obedient like he was, we will find ourselves sitting in the throne of heaven."  It helped me a lot last week. Being an assistant definately has its good parts but also affects us in our area and how we are working. I have realized this last week that its not my will and that SOMEONE has to be an assistant hahahaha so I will "go and do what the Lord has commanded" and I will not stop until I see my family in the airport 1 year from today!! :)

I love you all and thank you for all that you do for me!! You don't know how much it means to have so much support out here!!

Have a great week and I am praying for you in each and every prayer!!

Elder Payne

Thought this was pretty cool... especially because it was written in English haha

Not the cutest dog I have ever seen, and has had over 15 puppies!  Poor dog haha
Tacos de cabeza.  Or also known as "cow head tacos" haha they tasted kinda weird and were gross looking haha

Just got destroyed by mosquitos a few nights ago.  My whole body got bitten haha it itched sooooo bad!!!

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