Sunday, July 14, 2013

Week 48 - July 13, 2013 - 119 hours!?!

On Monday we had divisions with Zamora 1. I went to work with Elder Pathakis in his area. It was pretty fun working with him. He is super funny!  It poured while we were there and we just got soaked. I didn't bring my rain coat or umbrella so I was absolutely soaked!! I stayed there until Wednesday morning and then traveled back to Morelia to work in my area. 

On Wednesday we taught one of our investigators named Victor Gallegos. That man is a stud! He is a pastor of the Christrian church (like the bishop of pour church) and he knows our church is true. He told us that he wants to get baptized but that he would let lots of people down if he does. We are working super hard with him because if we can baptize him then we will baptize like 30 more people from his little church!! That would be insane! It will take lots of work and time I think but little by little. He accepted a baptismal date and everything but there are just lots of obstacles. We will see what happens.

On Thursday we went on Divisions again and I worked with Elder Wilhelm in our area (Estadio). He is a super good missionary. He has almost 9 months in the mission and will most likely be transfered to be an assistant in Guadalajara in like a week when we have transfers. 

Well that's about it for the week. The time is just going by super fast and I cannot believe we are already at July 13th!! That is so crazy!! In just over a week I will have a year in the mission! I did the math this week of how many hours I have traveled in a bus since I have been called to be an assistant and I calculated 119 houras!!!!!!! That has to be a record. I am going to get a frequent traveler card so that I can get lots of discounts. :-0  Actually the bus is pretty nice, I don't mind it because there is always lots to see and there are a lot of Pueblos that are pretty cool!

This week we will be doing divisions again with Uruapan and Zamora 2. Which means I will be traveling for another 16 hours. It will be super fun because I will get to work with Elder Quinney again and he is super chill. Then next Monday we have transfers again so we will be off to Guadalajara to have another crazy schedule with taking the old guys and also picking the new guys up from the airport.  There are 3 elders going home and we are getting 22 new sister missionaries! 

Yesterday as I was thinking about Grandpa's death - I read in 1 Corinthians 15. It is such an amazing chapter. It really hit me hard how awesome it is going to be living in the Celestial Kingdom with all my family. As we sit on earth thinking about how miserable it was when both Grandpa's passed away, they are up there laughing waiting for all of us to join with them. Christ lived so that WE can be clean and worthy. Christ died so that WE can live with our Heavenly Father again. I have no doubt that we will all live together again. No matter the sacrifices we make in life being away from the family, I think the biggest promise God has given us is to be able to live forever with our families in a world of perfection!

I love you all so much and have an amazing week!!

Elder Mike Payne

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