Monday, January 28, 2013

Week 25 - January 28, 2013 - Go 9ers!


So this last week has been pretty good! I am feeling a lot better and my stomach isn´t hurting as bad! At times I feel a sharp pain but other than that I am feeling better! Also these last 2 weeks in a row elder Santiago and I have walked 49 miles exact!!!...coincidence...??? hahaha wish I could be home to watch the super bowl on Sunday but brother Martel invited me to have a 4 hour long family home evening with them on Sunday hahahaha probably gunna turn down the offer, but hey a quick visit won´t hurt ;)  I will be wearing my red tie every day this week!  I'm sure it will help them win the game! haha

Anyways we are teaching Eric right now and he is understanding a lot more. We have finally figured out how to teach that kid! hahahaha and it is awesome because it makes every other lesson seem so simple!! Seriously I get so frustrated during these lessons with Eric but when we teach other investigators I feel like this gospel is super easy to teach. So many people get caught up in studying too much and forget about the small and simple parts of this church. That´s what I love about teaching Eric. We teach the bear minimum because that´s all he can understand, but that´s all God asks of us. If we can keep his commandments and endure to the end we will be saved and enter into the kingdom forever!!

Edwin is saving up for a phone haha! I seriously love this kid...probably my favorite investigator I have had. He wants a phone with internet and games on it. He has to save up 14,000 pesos. Every day we go teach his brother Eric, he comes in with his pesos and shows us how much money he has. He now has 24 pesos hahaha funniest kid ever!!

On Saturday I had the weirdest lunch experience of my life hahaha!! So we called the member that we were going to eat with to confirm that she would be there. She told us that she had left to work and that she wasn´t going to be home until later that night. But she told us that at the corner of her street there was like a taco stand with chicken and all this stuff. She told us that her friends own the place and just to eat whatever we want and she would pay for it later that night. So we just ordered one of their rotisary chickens. They told us to sit in the table in the back and they would bring us our food. As we sat down, I realized that we were surrounded by like 100 flies! And on top of that, the open garbage was behind us and it smelt sooooo bad!! I just lost my appetite and didn´t want to eat at all. They brought us our chicken and as we started to eat, I realized this was probably the best chicken I have ever had in my life!! It was absolutely incredible!! Weirdest experience ever!! hahaha the place was sooooooo nasty but the food was soooo good!

Last night we had to go to the offices to host the missionaries that finished their missions and that were going to leave today! They were all so excited and ready to go home! Since we live close to the airport we had 3 missionaries stay in our house. The whole night they were just telling stories of their missions and how excited they were to go home! They were practicing how they were going to greet their families. I just felt so homesick all night! I wish I could be in their position!! I wish I could go home and see you guys today...but nope...gotta wait 18 more months! Tonight we have to go to the offices again and host the new missionaries. They are staying in our house so this time instead of feeling like the young guy I will feel like the one with experience!

Well I hope you all have an amazing week!! Special shoutout to Mackynzie Perry who will be entering the MTC on Wednesday as she goes to Texas! So happy for you! You will do awesome!! I love you all and enjoy every day!

I am doing great and workin as hard as I can! Should be a fun couple months comin up...we have a bunch of ¨prospects¨ and bapstisms planned! Pray for all the missionaries in the world...but more importantly for the 9ers :)

Elder Mike Payne

Mike eating a tongue taco!

Mike and his buddies!
Here is what Mike said about this little guy, "I found this nasty creature living in one of my shoes.  I went to put my shoe on and thought it was a big rock so I stuck my hand in to feel this nasty thing haha I screamed like a little girl!"

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