Monday, January 7, 2013

Week 23 - January 7, 2013 - My Best Week So Far!


Well this week has been a good week! For the first time in my mission so far I can honestly say that I am really enjoying it out here. I am getting use to this place and my language is pickin up quick! Right now we have 13 investigators and I have never worked so hard in my life haha! They all live pretty far away from each other so at times Elder Santiago and I are practically running to lessons! It´s awesome though, I love it! The first few months I used to count down the hours until we could go back to the house and now I´m bugged when it´s time to end the day! I love that pedometer thing that you guys gave me for Christmas! Last week we walked 45.7 miles! 

So on Tuesday I got a call from President Camarillo telling us to come to the offices. I was super scared and nervous haha and I was just thinking of all the possible scenarios that could go down haha! But when we got there he pulled us in to his office and started talking about our area and how hard we are workijng. He was being super nice and he was just talking and laughing with us. He then said ¨Hey, you know that kid Edwin?... Baptize him.¨  I was so happy to hear that!!  Edwin is handicapped and is a little slow for his age. He is the brother of Yazbek and our President told us a few weeks ago not to baptize him because he doesn´t need it.  

Well last week our stake president and our mission presidnent talked about the situation and our stake president told him that Edwin could receive the priesthood...but in order for that to happen he needs to be baptized.  We have been working super hard with him this past week. These lessons are probably the most spiritual lessons I have had with someone on my mission. His sister always cries because Edwin is finally understanding his purpose in this life. I have learned so much from this kid. The thing I have learned most from him is patience. He is very hard to teach and we have to teach the same lessons about 5 times for him to understand but it is so rewarding when he finally understands! 

We taught him how to pray last week and he started crying in one of his prayers! This might be the closest I make it to the Celestial Kingdom so I am just makin the most of each moment I have with Edwin. His baptism is this Friday and I am so excited!! When we told him for the first time that he could be baptized he said ¨ORALE!¨  This means like ¨No Way!¨ hahaha  It was super funny! But he is super excited and it will be a great experience!!

So things with the comp are still the same.  He does EVERYTHING I do!  At times I just need to take a few deep breaths so I don´t attack the kid but I restrain haha! Every morning it´s pretty cold so during studies I wear my California sweatshirt that I bought in San Francisco. Keep in mind that this sweatshirt has ¨California¨ written huge on the front. Well as we were about to leave the house for the day I wanted to see what my comp would do if I didn´t take off my we walked out the door he ran up and put on his sweatshirt too. Then I said Ï´m a little hot actually. I´m gunna take this off.¨ He replied with too. I was wondering why you were wearing that.¨  hahahaha  What a character!

So I have set a bunch of goals for myself for this next year and I am hoping to achieve them all! Some are pretty lofty but with faith I know it can be done. Most of them are with the work and how I can change but one goal that I have made is that every morning I make breakfast for my comp and I. I figured this is the only meal that I really have control over so I wanna make it good haha! So this entire year I set a goal to make breakfast for me and my companion. It has been good so far! My companion stands behind me and watches as I make us eggs and oat meal every morning. hahaha  It would be cute if he was 5... but nope- he´s 20 and he watches me make him breakfast every morning!

I also made a goal to exercise every morning for 30 minutes. I bought a jump rope last week so I do that and push ups and sit ups every morning. I feel great! 

Well I hope you all had a great week and that you are all having a good new year!! I love you all so much and thank you for all the love and support!! I feel bad that I can´t write everyone back but know that I am thinking of you all!! 

Elder Mike Payne

It poured last week!  This puddle I am in was like 2 feet deep!
Thanks to the Primary for my gifts and my tie!
Here is our zone! 
Herbie!!!  haha the car looked exactly like the one in the movie!

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