Monday, December 10, 2012

Week 19 - December 10, 2012 - My Cup Runneth Over

Hello Everyone!

Well we just got back from Wal Mart...boy do I love that place!! I´m not kidding that might be where Payne Family vacation 2014 is held! It is civilized and has electronics and everything you could ever want!! haha  If you guys saw my area you would probably love Wal Mart as much as I do hahaha!!

We had a few lessons with Rosario, the mom of Denisse. We are working really hard with her because she is trying so hard to stop smoking and she is improving more and more each day. She is now down to one cigarette every other day...pretty good from being at about a pack a day!! But we had a lesson with her on Thursday and we set a baptismal date with her. We first set the date for December 28 and then Denisse said ¨Mom you need to get baptized before their transfers!! What if one of them leaves?!  So then Rosario said that she is trying for this Friday...meaning she needs to give up smoking completely by Wednesday! So we are going to fast for her tomorrow and we are praying like crazy for her!! Also her husband who is not a member of the church, asked if I had any more root beer candies because he wants to try and stop smoking too!!!!! Little by little but it was awesome...but unfortunately I don´t have any more root beer candies haha is there any way you guys can send me some?? :)

So this past week everyone in our zone had a meeting with mission president. All missionaries have a meeting with him every few months. But 2 weeks ago I went on divisions with one of the assistants, Elder Mckie. He is super cool. But anyways he came and stayed in our house for the night but as he was looking around our house, he saw the poster of Carlee´s BYU soccer team. He has been on his mission for 22 months so he was just mesmorized to see good looking girls!  But anyways, in my meeting with the president, he asked, ¨So I hear you have an inappropriate poster in your that true?¨HAHA ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! That´s the one thing I hate about missionaries! I can´t even have a poster of Carlee´s soccer team on my wall because it is too big of a distraction?!  President was cool about it but he just said, ¨Yeah it may be your sister... but it's not Elder Silos´ sister.¨ So I had to take it down ;(

Well funny story...I kinda felt bad but it was funny yesterday at church, during sacrament meeting, some little boy got up to go to the bathrrom by himself. About 5 minutes later he comes running into the chapel pants down to his ankles because he couldn´t pull his pants up... he was trying to find his mom. Anyways, this kid is completely naked and then he tripped and fell on his face and was just crying laying face down on the ground, butt in the air, in the middle of sacrament meeting! It was so funny but I felt so bad and embarrassed for him!

Well that´s about it for the week!  We are hoping to have Rosario´s baptism this Friday and most likely by the next time you hear from me I will have a new companion!! Pretty crazy how fast time flies by! Elder Silos and I were talking about it the other´s weird to look back on time and see how fast time goes by... but when you look into the future it seems so far away! Like I was thinking about you guys running the half marathon (dad and Christy) and I was thinking about the other one you guys ran and that was two years ago! It doesn´t seem like that long ago!! 

But yeah I am trying to stay positive during this holiday season and I´m just trying to remember why I am here! The week of Christmas our zone is going to do a service project. They asked for ideas and I told them what dad did on his mission - go to a hospital and deliver toys and candy and sing to the little kids. Well, I think we are going to do it!! And I am kind of in charge of it all! There´s a hospital in an area close to ours so I have to call them this week to see if we can go! It´s pretty exciting and we are hoping we can do it!

My Spanish is getting better, my companion says that sometimes I talk in my sleep and it's in spanish!! haha

Also our ward started home teaching!!!  It is awesome!! So we are super close with the first counselor of the Elders Quorum and I sat down with him and talked with him about the whole idea and how it is set up in my ward. We ended up talking for like 2 hours about it and finding guys in the ward who would get along well with less actives and we just took a long time pairing people up and deciding who they were going to visit. Well two weeks ago he sent out all the little pieces of paper of who visits who, and this week was they started doing Home teaching!! It is awesome because we are starting to get some references now because of it. 

Well I love you all and I hope everything is going well with you!! I can´t believe I will be talking to the family in 2 weeks!! I can't wait!!  Have an awesome week and pray for the missionaries! They need all the prayers they can get haha!

Con Amor,
Elder Mike Payne

Here is Mike on Thanksgiving eating his favorite - Dipping Fingers!!!
Here is Mike holding Donaldo in his huge clothes
Donaldo and Mike's companion, Elder Silos, after Donaldo's baptism

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