Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Week 18 - December 3, 2012 - A Good Time Had by All

So today has been a pretty crazy day! Elder Silos told me that it takes about a month for me to send a package home, meaning you guys wouldn´t get it for christmas! So we went to a correo (I forgot the word in english) to send my package. They said that I had to take all my valuables out because it wouldn´t be able to cross the border if anything broke. So then we went to a different correo and they said the same thing and that I should go to FedEx. So then we got directions to that and we went to FedEx. I was so tired of carrying this package; remember we walk everywhere! Especially because if you want to send something over the border they have to inspect it so my package was just open and everyone that walked by looked at what I had. I thought someone was going to steal it! haha  I ended up sending it through FedEx.

Well earlier this week was probably the closest I have been to throwing up here on my mission. We went and taught a less active family that lives in very rough conditions (I´m just gunna leave it at that hahaha). So we were startring to talk to this family and we were about to start the lesson and one of their kids was crying so both parents got up to go see what happened. They don´t really have a house so we just teach them in the street pretty much. But they also have another little boy who is 4 years old and he doesn´t like to wear clothes. 

So he decided that it would be a good idea and squat and take a dump right in front of me!! I´m not kidding I started gagging!! Then he started to PLAY WITH IT!!!!...like it was play dough or something! Elder Silos was laughing so hard because he was sitting pretty far from me and couldn´t smell it. And then the parents came back and looked at his brown hands and asked what he was doing. The mom smelled his hands and almost threw up! It was awful!! 

Well we had another baptism last Friday. It was really good. We baptized a girl named Pariz. She is ten years old and she is just the cutest little girl ever! She is always smiling and just so happy! I forgot my camera in the house so I didn´t take any pictures but her mom said she would send them to me. I got to baptize her and it was awesome! Her Dad is less active and he came to her baptism and confirmation and told us he is going to start coming back to church and that he wants to pretty much change his life!! 

On Friday we ate a less active members house!! I felt so bad because they practically don´t have anything. I just completely lost my appetite...we walked into their house and they had SO MANY flies!!! It was so nasty!! We had chicken with tons of fat on it!! It was super funny because the whole time elder silos and I would take a sip of water and then just eat the chicken like it was pills...I don't think I took one bite that meal. I really don't want to get sick like last week again!

The first 2 months here it has just been non stop hard work and pretty much running to lessons...it is super frustrating because once my companion hit his 19 month mark, all he thinks about is going home. Every night he has a dream of going home and then he just tells me throughout the entire day about his dreams and how he only has 5 months left!  So, this past week I am trying to have more fun with him. So we have just been laughing a lot and having fun. I mean I came on my mission to work hard but also have a good time. It is super hard right now with my comp so I am just trying to enjoy our last 2 weeks together because we´re pretty certain that he is getting transferred on Dec.17 (our next transfer).
On Saturday I tried to study something that would help Elder Silos. Right now we don´t have many investigators because we have baptized all of them (not such a bad problem!) so he´s also pretty frustrated with that. I decided to study the lives of Ammon and Nephi. I learned a lot but to sum it all up I learned that numbers don´t matter. In the life of Ammom he baptized thousands and Nephi didn´t baptize anyone. They were both prophets called of God and they both did exactly what he wanted to do. Sometimes we are placed in situations where we get to see results quick and other times we don´t see any results. The most important thing that we can do is do everything God wants. If we do everything he commands us then we will receive so many blessings!

So this year I will be calling on Christmas Day (last year the missionaries called on Christmas eve). But I´m almost certain that we will get to skype!! I´m super excited for that!! Usually every year the missionaries go to the temple for a session the week of Christmas but our President changed things up a bit. Instead we are all going out to eat at a nice restaurant on December 22!! Just so happens that that is my birthday!! So I am super excited about that! 

Well, Dad and Christy goodluck with your half marathon this week!! I will be thinking of you guys on Saturday!! I am so proud of you guys!! You will do awesome...I hope hahaha! 

Well I love you all so much and I hope everything is going well for all of you!! I know I am not placed in the best situations but I am just trying to be positive with everything and trying to make the most of it. At times it is so hard and I want to come home but I need to remember why I am here. My family will always be there for me but my mission won´t. I know I will miss this mission when it is all over so I´m trying to serve with no regrets and live every day to the fullest!

I am going to end this email the same way i started...I quote from Grandma...
¨Continue to live your lives daily so that the Lord can use you to bless the lives of others.¨

Elder Mike Payne

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