Monday, November 19, 2012

Week 16 - November 19, 2012 - Happy Thanksgiving!

Mike would love to hear from you if you have a chance to email him!


Carlee I was so happy to find out that you guys made it to the Elite 8!!! That is crazy!!! I fasted for you on all my prayers, I pretty much just say, ¨God please bless Carlee and her team that they can play their best. I know it´s probably not okay to pray for them to win but help her team to play just a little bit better than the other team.¨ haha  It seems to work!! It was so hard on Saturday because I didn´t know whether or not you guys had a game but I still prayed for you guys! So, you're welcome ;) hehehe

ANYWAYS... well we were supposed to have the baptism of Donaldo on Friday but when we went to teach him on Thursday , we saw that his whole family was pretty badly banged up. It turns out that Donaldo´s sister, mom, and grandpa got into an accident. His mom had a cut above her eye, his sister cut open her hand, and his grandpa´s shins were just destroyed!! I felt so bad!! This family has practically nothing and they had to go to the hospital and all get stitches that day!! I just wish I could give them all my money but I don´t think we´re allowed to :/ But elder Silos and I gave them all blessings that night and we decided to move the baptism to this Friday instead. They just have so much going on right now that we wanted his baptism to be a memorable experience! His grandpa can barely stand but he REALLY wants to baptize Donaldo so we are hoping that by Friday he will be okay.

On Satuirday, Donaldo had a birthday party. I felt so bad because they didn´t have much! The kids were so happy though! They had this jank jumpy house that looked like it was about to fall over the entire time and the kids were so happy! It was so cool to see how much fun these kids were having with practically nothing!! I brought my camera because the family doesn´t have a camera. I took a bunch of pictures and later this week, we are going to print them off and give them to him for a present. We were like the center of attention...imagine that hahaha missionaries being the center of attention at your birthday party!! As I watched and took pictures I just imagined playing with Mitch, Tyson, Jayden, Zach and all their friends. Out here I kinda have to be mature and grown up but in 20 months you can guarantee that I will be schooling all of the little boys again...I take pride in beating kids 8 years younger than me ;)

Earlier in the week we went and visited a less active member who is about 60. We finished the lesson and then we asked if they needed help with anything. She then asked us if we would help her upload pictures to her facebook because she didn´t know how. She just bought her first laptop OF HER LIFE so she had no clue what to do!! It was so painful because she wanted to do everything and she wanted us just to walk her through the steps. It took a solid hour for us to upload 2 pictures with her!! 

So we found another investigator this last week. Her name is Stephany and her boyfriend is a less active member of the church. They have 2 kids and she is 21 years old! And one of the kids is 6! That means she got pregnant at age 14!!  She is super interested in the church. We talked to them on the street for a little bit but then we set a time to teach her. When we went and taught, the first question she asked was ¨Do Rodolfo and I need to get married for me to become a member of the church?¨ It was such a good way to start the lesson! But we are hoping to get them married within the next few weeks and baptized the week after! 

MACKENZIE!!!! I am so happy you are going on a mission!! I´m assuming you got your mission call already but my guess is Venice, Italy! It´s so crazy to think that if you get called before July 25th, you will come home before I do!! It´s so weird to think about! You will be an awesome missionary! Email me with your call and date because it´s a LOT faster than dear elders!!

Well I got a bunch of emails last week and a package. I am also getting another package tomorrow. But I will try and write people back within the next couple weeks!!

For all that are wondering, I will be eating beef jerky on Thanksgiving! No one here celebrates it so the beef jerky that mom sent will most likely be my dinner! hahaha!! 

Well I love all of you guys so much!! Have an amazing week and keep workin hard and having fun!!

Elder Mike Payne

Mike with a great view of the Mexico lights behind him! 
Some of the streets in his area
This is a bathroom!  Crazy!
A little view of Mexico at night

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