Monday, November 12, 2012

Week 15 - November 12, 2012

Happy Veterans Day Everyone!

So, Mitt Romney lost. I secretly wanted him to win. I say secretly because everyone here DISLIKES Mitt Romney. You guys have to remember that most Mexicans want to be in the United States so the fact that Mitt wanted to make changes in  immigration just made everyone out here dislike him!

Well we were supposed to have our baptism with Yazbek on Friday but her mom had work so instead we had it yesterday after church. On Saturday we had our baptismal interview with her and afterwards we told her what she needed to wear and she said she wanted me to baptize her, uh oh!  I was a little nervous after what happened last time!  So, after church we changed into our white baptismal clothing. Elder Silos and I thought that we told her to wear white that wasn´t see through...she did just the opposite of that. We went and took some pictures and they are hilarious! She looks really mad, she didn't like us telling her what to wear. We had extra white baptismal clothes, but she refused to wear them. The bishop even went up to her and said ¨Yazbek you need to wear this.¨ She REFUSED! I was so embarrassed for her, but she was being a bit stubborn!!  I will try and attach a picture below this email. It's kinda funny!  I'm not making fun of her, I promise! She is a very nice girl and was so excited to get baptized!

It came time for the baptism and I was so scared for her! Well as I submerged her body under the water, I glaced real quick to make sure her whole body was under the water. As I glanced to her legs, I realized her white skirt flew up and that she was wearing BRIGHT pink underwear! It was a nightmare!! And then as she came up, her bra was BRIGHT purple!! As I looked up at the witnesses, they were shutting the doors to the font because they didn´t want anyone to see. But anyways, it all worked out and she was happy...I think?   We have another baptism on Saturday so that should be cool.

Earlier in the week we had a lesson with Hermana Luz. Her neice just had her baby the night before we taught her and she decided it would be a good idea to explain the whole process.  I don´t think I want to be in the room when my wife has our babies!  It was a little too much information! 

Well this week I was studying in Doctrine and Covenants and I read section 12 verse 8. The words ¨Humble and full of love¨ stuck out to me. I thought about the two most important commandments that we have been given: Love God, and love your neighbor. I decided that I was going to work harder at these two things. I feel that I have been trying my hardest to love God out here but at times, I don´t think about the loving your neighbor part. I thought about who my neighbor was. I realized my companion was my most important neighbor, This past week I have been trying my hardest to love and serve him. This whole mission experience is preparing me for the rest of my life. Like my companion, my future family will be with me 24/7 and I need to give all that I have for them. Carlee said something to me a few weeks ago: ¨Your future kids are cheering you on in heaven.¨ That really hit me. I need to be the missionary that my kids would be proud of. I have never faced so many trials and had so much affliction but I have really been trying to put it all in perspective and think about who I am doing all this for. I know that my future career and family will be blessed because of this sacrifice and I am so thankful for this opportunity to learn and grow in faith. 

Dad- I loved your email! I can´t believe it has already been 4 years as Bishop! I can still remember when you called all of us kids into the kitchen and asked if we accept this call as well... since it is a sacrifice for the whole family. I feel the same way about this mission. I am so happy that I have a family that supports me because I need to remember that this is not just my calling, but it is a sacrifice for the whole family! I only get to do this once so I will take you up on that challenge, whenever times get tough and I want to quit I will remember what you said and I will always give it all I've got!

Special shoutout to my Aunt Pam: due to the awesome calender that my father made, I saw that it is your birthday today! One more year of experience Pam. Enjoy number 35! Again!

Love you all so much and I hope you all had an amazing week! Carlee you guys better beat Auburn on Thursday!! I will be thinking about you this week, and hopefully next time I write, you will be in the Elite 8!

Elder Payne

Yazbek's Baptism

Denisse's Baptism

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