Friday, August 24, 2012

Week 4 - August 23, 2012

I feel like time is flying already but at the same time I feel like it's been an eternity since I have seen everyone!! I am working so hard here and it's crazy how fast I am learning spanish! I still need a lot of work on vocab and knowing everything but as for sentences structure, I can pretty much say anything I want. Every day in class we watch videos of native Mexicans speak and I honestly feel that they are speaking a different language!! I am super nervous but I am SOOOO excited to go! The MTC is like a jail...except in jail you get visitations. It's nice to feel the spirit so strong and to be learning spanish but I just want to get to Mexico and start dunkin people!! I can't wait!!! My goal is at least one baptism per week!! A couple days ago we were reading Helaman 5:18,19, and Lehi and Nephi baptized 8,000. I think I can beat that ;) But then again we aren't focusing on numbers, we are focusing on the people and how we can bring them to Christ...I'm just sayin if I could bring 8,000 people to Christ that would be pretty tight!!

Last Friday my companion, Elder Poston felt a sharp pain in his leg. We were playing soccer a couple days before and he kinda collided with another missionary. So on Friday we went to the health clinic and they sent us to the HOSPITAL!!! Maybe you guys should all hang out at the hospital because I've already been there twice...NBD. hahaha they sent him to get an ultra sound to see if he had any blood clots or other internal problems- they couldn't find anything. We had so much fun and took advantage of every second we had in the outside world.On Tuesday, the newest member of the quorum of the 12, Elder Neil L. Anderson spoke to us at the fireside. It was so awesome!!! It was President Monson's birthday on Tuesday so his whole talk was pretty much about Monson and what he would tell us if he were here. There were ten things:

1: Follow the prophet
2: Do your duty
3: Trust in the Lord
4: Let the Lord shape your back
5: Smile, enjoy yourself :)
6: Love the people you serve
7: NEVER ignore a prompting
8: Testify of Joseph Smith
9: Witness the power of the savior
10: Become converted to the Savior Jesus 

On Tuesday night after returning to the rooms, I decided to open my package that I got from Carlee. As I opened it, the smell of something other than MTC cafeteria food filled the air. I didn't even know what it was but I started screaming. For dinner I think we had something from the dumpsters so it was just an average day. So when I got home at the end of the day to none other than CAFE RIO I went nuts!!! Everyone hates me now but I don't care!!! I told my teachers and they were shocked!!! They said it's almost impossible to get food sent to missionaries and Carlee made it happen. Way to hook it up. There were about 20 layers of tape around every item of food haha it took like 20 minutes for me to open everything. I can only imagine how much effort went into that Car! Thank you so much!!! I have the best sisters in the world!!! Christy thank you for all the packages you sent me!!! I'm still workin on getting through all the candy and junk food but my district usually eats most of it hahaha. Just keep sending pictures and videos of Bailey :) She is SOOO cute! hahaha that video of her and Carlee talking to each other was hilarious!!! I can't wait to see her in 23 months! (Just a little over a year ) hahaha

Well I love you all!! Thank you for the support! You guys are awesome!! I am having a blast here and although it is the hardest thing I have ever done, there is no place I'd rather be...although being on the beach of Atlantis would be nice ;) hahaha but I am so thankful for the opportunity I have to be a servant of the Lord and work as he would and bring joy to the people of Mexico. I KNOW this is where I should be!

Con Amor,  
Elder Mike Payne

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Keep sending letters :

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