Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to Write Mike a Letter Fast and Easy!

Okay everyone there is a way you can write Mike that is VERY fast and easy.  When you send him an email to his mpayne@myldsmail.net address he only gets to check that on Thursdays.  If you send him a letter on this website called Dear Elder he will get it the day you write to him!  It is pretty awesome, and best of all it is completely FREE!  You can even do it on your iphone if you get on the web!  So here is how you do it...

1. Go to dearelder.com
2. In the top orange bar click on "Write a Letter"
3. Make sure the scroll bar says "Provo MTC"
4. Click "Write a Missionary"
5. Once you click on that, fill in your information (name and address)
6. Then enter in Mike's information:

Elder Mike Payne
MTC Box # - 374
Mission Code or Mission - Mex-Guae
Estimated MTC Departure Date - 0924

7. Once you enter all of that in put in your email address and Mike's email address (mpayne@myldsmail.net)
8. Then write him a letter!!!
9. Once you are finished with your letter push "Send Letter"
10.  Mike will then get the letter and you should get a confirmation email

Mike absolutely LOVES getting letter so please write him.  It really makes his day!

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