Thursday, April 11, 2013

Week 35 - April 8, 2013 - An American Meal!

Hola Everyone!

Well to be completely honest, nothing super exciting happened last week...kinda hard to beat watching some guy get crucified hahahaha!! But nonetheless is was an extremely fast week and it was super good!!

So on Tuesday we had our zone leader counsels that we have every month. We went to president´s house and Hermana Camarillo made us a SUPER good meal. She always makes American home made food for all the americans!! She made roast beef, steamed vegetables, salad, and super good rolls!! Wow it was such an incredible meal!!  And then President just pretty muich did a fireside and talked about how we, as leaders, need to show an example for our zones and it was super good!

But president gave us a few new of them being that we don´t have a time limit while we write home on the computers!! It was super funny because some of the zone leaders were actually kinda mad. President shared his feelings on having the missionaries write a detailed letter to him every week instead of focusing entirely on their letter to their families. I mean hey I´m not complaining!! We´ll see how long this lasts for! But I will make the most of it for now hahaha!!

Conference was super good!!! I can´t believe there are more than 45 thousand missionaries right now!! that is pretty crazy!! We had 5 investigators go to the Sunday Morning session and it was super good!! I think my favorite talk was Holland. Man that guy is awesome!  But it was fun because we had our own room with a TV that had conference in english. We had like 5 of the american missionaries in my zone watching it. It was pretty fun because we were paying attention but at the same time we got to talk and we didn´t have to stay completely silent the whole time haha!! It was nice to be able to speak in english!

It´s funny because one of our investigators only went so that he could play soccer with me hahaha!! So yesterday in between sessions we had a little soccer game. It was the first time I played in a while!! Man I was schoolin' the Mexicans haha!! It was the first time I played here in Mexico (and I don´t even know if that counts since I was in church clothes)! But it was super fun!!  I miss the good ole days on the Foothill turf.......losing every game. ahhhhhh the good ole days hahaha

Well that was it for the week. We have a baptism coming up this Saturday so we are super happy about that. This zone is kinda dead so its pretty frustrating but we are working hard to set the example for the missionaries and to help them out in their areas. Also president told us that Elder Castro will be leaving after this transfer. President doesn´t like missionaries ending their missions as zone leaders. So I have to know this whole area and everyone living in it within the next three weeks. It is super funny because I just walk around with the map all day asking where we are hahaha!! Im picking it up quick though so it´s all good!!

Well I love you all so much and thank you so much for all the love and support!! Go out and share the gospel...and if you have questions...ASK THE MISSIONARIES!! God Bless and have an amazing week!! You are all in my prayers every day!

Elder Mike Payne
"Guero" means like "white boy" hahaha that's what everyone calls me on the streets!
Inside San Juan De Dios.  That place is crazy!  Super cool though!!
At San Juan De Dios.  That is a big Catholic cathedral in the background.  It was actually pretty cool.
Elder Smitheram's chair broke during conference.  It was super funny haha!  So then I decided to tip the chair over and in the second picture that's what it looked like haha

The zone of Reforma
What I had for lunch... chicken feet!  YUMMMMM!!! 

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