Monday, February 11, 2013

Week 27 - February 11, 2013 - 200 Days?!?!

Well this week has been pretty good!! We have been teaching Fernanda and she is preparing for her baptism for this Saturday. She is super excited and nervous for her baptism. I absolutely love that family! We go there every day to teach her because it´s an excuse to hang out with the family. They have the two cutest little girls. One of them is 3 years old and the other is 7. They are soooo funny and always so happy!  Fernanda´s grandma went to church yesterday and she loved it!! She is pretty catholic but she said she loves our church and the people are super nice and friendly. One girl asked if she was the one getting baptized this Saturday and she said ¨not YET.¨ hahaha Elder santiago and I were super excited to hear her say that! We are hoping to set a baptismal date with her hopefully this next week!

Yesterday was so funny at church!!! So on Friday night we were walking back to our house because it was almost 9. One guy on the street, who looked like a homeless druggie told us I´ll see you tomorrow.¨ Elder Santiago and I didn´t think anything of it until we show up to church and he is waiting there by himself. We were super shocked!!! He is such a weird dude!! We sang the opening hymn and after we finished, he yells ¨GLORIA A DIOS!!¨ hahahaha He is pentacostal and he says in that church everyone yells that kind of stuff hahaha!! Then some kid went to give a talk and started by saying "I am super nervous to be up here today.¨ Our investigator, Jose, yells AMEN!¨ It was such a weird experience!! And then we gave him a book of mormon and he wrote a bunch of interesting stuff in it.  But then as he was about to leave we escorted him outside and he asked ¨where´s my bike?" and then 5 seconds later some little kid flew around the corner on his bike. As Jose approached this kid he took his bike and said ¨Ya me voy.¨haha (meaning,' I gotta go'). I´m not sure if this story is funny for you guys but as I am writing this, I am thinking of the experience I had yesterday and I am literally laughing out loud right now!!!

So last night I finished the book of mormon for the first time in spanish! I started in November and I have been working super hard to finish it. Our mission president challenged us to read the book of mormon in 85 days (the same amount of time it took Joseph Smith to translate it) and to mark three different things- 1)Every time it says God, Lord, or any other name that refers to God. 2) Attributes of Christ 3)Every time God or Christ are speaking. I finshed the book last night at 11:45 hahaha!! I kinda procrastinated and forced myself to read 365 pages in 4 days hahaha!!! But hey I finshed and I met my goal so that´s all that matters!!

Tonight we are having family home evening with the Ortega family and we are making DIPPIN FINGERS!!!! We were talking about peanut butter one day and then the thought popped into my mind to make dippin fingers with them! We have family home evening every night at their house and they always make food so I told them that we can go over to their house early tonight to help them prepare and that I can make the food for tonight!  We are also going to have 5 other investigators there!! Mayra is such an awesome member!!! Man I love this family hahaha!!! 

Well I hit my 200 day mark on Saturday! Pretty crazy!! I feel like time is really starting to speed up and I am really enjoying my time here!! I am at the point where everything is going good and where I am loving where I am at...I think that means I will be getting transferred soon hahaha!!! Pretty crazy how fast time goes by!! 

Well I hope you all had an amazing week and that you guys can continue to enjoy life and every second it has to offer!! I am doing great and enjoying my time here in Buenos Aires! We will be having our next transfer March 18th and I really don´t want to get transfered hahaha!! But I will serve wherever I am called and just know that I am working as hard as I can!! I love you all and thank you so much for all the support and love!! 

Take Care and God bless!!

Elder Mike Payne

Getting a massage from one of Sister Martel´s daughters...hey it´s perfectly legal!! She never touched me hahahaha!!
Another picture of Abigail...daughter of sister Mayra Ortega. I don´t know if i have told you guys yet but I love that family!! hahaha
A view from the nicest part in our district. I had to give 2 baptismal interviews in Patria (an area in our district) and the view was awesome, along with all the houses! 
Super good tacos that Sister Martel made for us one day!!
Selling chips at the school with Mayra Ortega and her family and friends
2 missionaries from our ward left for their missions on Wednesday. The one on the left is going to Veracruz, Mexico and the one on the right is going to Uruguay

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