Monday, October 29, 2012

Week 13 - October 29, 2012 - Is it Bad to Fast and Pray for the Giants?

Haha Just kidding but they may or may not have been in a few of my prayers last week! It seemed to work though, huh ;)

Well we had a baptism on Friday! It was awesome! It was Denisse- the 12 year old that we were supposed to baptize last week. Anyways, we went and taught her and her mom during the day and at the end of the lesson she asked if I would baptize her. I was so excited and I wrote down the baptismal prayer in spanish and studied it for awhile. I had it perfectly memorized and I was ready for this baptism. We got there 3 hours early because the font always has bugs and nasty things in it so we had to clean it and get it ready to go. It also takes FOREVER for the water to heat up so we were pretty nervous that it wouldn´t be ready for the baptism. 

Everything worked out well and it was time to enter the water with Denisse. I asked her what her full name was and she responded with what I thought was some sort of sick joke. She said ¨Denisse Alejandra Poloma Sifuentes.¨ I immediately forgot about the rest of the words and my mind went blank. I´m standing in the water with Denisse trying to decifer this name and everyone is waiting for me to start. I had to say the prayer like 5 times because I kept either saying her name wrong or the rest of the baptismal prayer wrong. I finally baptized her and she was super nervous, there were a lot of people there and when I looked up at the witness and he told me her leg came up. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? (her whole body has to be under water at the same time, so I had to do it again!).

The second time everything went well though. I could hear people reciting the baptismal prayer trying to help me. I felt like an idiot! hahaha It was awful. But anyways, I got the job done and it all went well. Her confirmation was on Sunday so she is now officially a member of this church. Hopefully her mom, Rosario, can give up her cigarettes.

We have 6 baptisms planned for the upcoming month and I am super excited for that. We are pretty sure about 4 of them but we are hoping that the other 2 will be able to overcome their trials. We are currently teaching Yasbek and her brothers Edwin and Eric. We are also teaching Cecilia, Donaldo, Rosario, and Carlos.

We had 2 elders from our district go home last week because of sickness and one is going home within the next couple weeks because of lung problems. I have learned not to request American food from the Mexicans. I had a hamburger yesterday and it was the worst hamburger I have ever had. It was super burnt and it was pretty much just charcoal...ahhhhh I gag just thinking about it!  Maybe this is why I have lost 20 pounds since July!

I seriously LOVE all your letters and support!! It is so nice to have so much support from you guys! And also all my friends who are reading my blogs and sending me letters! Thank you so much for all that! And also to the members in the ward who sent me emails! They help more than you know! Crawfords thanks for the package and family thanks for the other 5 hahaha everyone in the offices was freaking out because they have never seen someone receive so much mail in one day! hahaha

Well I love you guys so much! I hope you are all doing well! I am continuing to get used to this place. I am trying to love evryone and it seems that when I try to do this, there comes a trial of my faith...but I know that I will receive no witness until AFTER the trial of my faith. (Ether 12:6) Have an awesome week and pray for the missionaries everywhere in the world! This work is super hard but at the same time even more rewarding! Have an awesome week and go celebrate with my Giants ;) Wish I could have been there but I´m glad that you guys got to go to some games and have fun with that!

Until next week...

Con Amor,
Elder Mike Payne

Travel documents for Mexico!
Mike and his companion at the MTC the morning they left for Mexico
On the plane headed to Mexico!
Here is Mike after landing in Mexico
Mike's Mission President and his Mission President's wife in Mexico
Mike and some of the elders he was with in the MTC now in Mexico with their Mission President and the Mission President's wife
Some of the elders Mike was with in the MTC now in Mexico

Here is Mike's house!
Mike and his new companion, Elder Silos

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