Monday, October 8, 2012

Week 10 - October 8, 2012 - 76 Days, But Who's Counting!

Hola Again!

Funny story of the during family home evening last week, we went and visited a less active family. We planned a pretty good family home evening for them. For those that don't know what family home evening is, it's every Monday and it is usually an activity with a lesson or game that helps bring your family together. Anyways, our activity was that everyone had a piece of paper and we put our name on the top. We passed our paper around the room and everyone wrote one thing good about the person and one thing that we think they could work on. Well as the papers went around, I got a paper that was the 5 year old daughter's...or so I thought. On the good side I wrote "Funny" and on the side that you need to work on I wrote "You could relax more and pay more attention during church and during lessons with the missionaries." As we got our original paper with our name on the top, the mom reads in spanish what I thought I had wrote to her daughter. "Funny but I need to relax and concentrate more during church and lessons with the missionaries?" hahahahahaha I was so embarrassed because it was written in TERRIBLE spanish and everyone knew it was me who wrote it. They all stared at me and I just started laughing super hard. I couldn't even explain myself because I didn't know how to in spanish!!! Super funny!

I don't enjoy the food here at all. I got super sick last week. They just put stuff on a plate and then pour tons of sauce on it so we can't actually see what we're eating...which is probably good. Elder Murdock called me last week and told me he had been in the hospital for 4 days because of the food here. He said he was going home. He got to talk to his parents and then called me back an hour later and told me he was staying haha I'm tellin ya the food here is crazy!

We have so many rules out here on our missions, but it's good because it keeps us safe. We're not allowed to street contact or door knock so everything is through the members. There are so many people here on the streets who I could just tell want to hear our message. It's just too bad that we can't street contact because of some things that have happened in the past. It's super funny though because sometimes we get stopped on the street by people who just want to talk to me about being Amrerican. They all like to tell me about their deportation stories and about how tough they are. hahaha These stories usually include guns, noises and lots of bad words hahaha. 

Conference this past week helped with a bunch of my doubts and fears. My favorite talk was probably Neil L. Anderson's. He said that "I am grateful there was not a quick solution to my trials. I learened to trust the Lord and stay close to him. With faith comes trials of faith." I must look at my trials in a more poritive way because it allows me to have a stronger relationship with God. He is always there for me and I need to rely on him because he has a better plan for me than I do.

Well I hope you all had and will have an amazing week! Keep workin hard and live each day one day at a time! "The responsibility is upon us." President Monson

Love you all so much!

Elder Mike Payne

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