Sunday, September 16, 2012

Week 7 - September 13, 2012

What's up amigos! How are you all doin?

This week has been pretty awesome! We leave to Mexico in 8 days!! (Sept. 24th) It is comin up so quick! Our district is really working hard trying to prepare ourselves as best as we can! I know I will probably be lost anyways but I feel like I will pick it up pretty quick! It is so weird how real the gift of tongues is! If we have faith in God that he will perform miracles, it will happen! I had a 40 minute conversation with a girl who served her mission in Argentina!! And Argentina spanish is so much different than Mexico spanish! I understood everything she said!! It was awesome!

Okay worst experience of my life...and I quote straight from my journal "Wednesday September 12, 2012: Well today was rough! I relived day 1. I got to watch missionaries say bye to their families. It was terrible. I had to host an elder who had to say goodbye to his 9 year old brother. I started crying!" -That is not a joke!!! It was so embarrassing! I was supposed to be supportive and happy and instead I started crying! I made elder Murdock host him! I couldn't do it! I hate watching people say goodbye to their families! And the worst part was that out of 25 numbers, I was assigned to host the missionaries at spot 19...the exact same spot I got dropped off at!! Wow was that the worst! And we just got asked today if we will host next week too! I hate Wednesdays! hahaha I feel so bad for the new missionaries.

Okay so last Friday we had a lesson on how well we know God. Our teacher told us to list as many attributes and characteristics as we can with our dad's here on earth. We were also told to list good memories we have had with our dad's as well. As I started making this list, I looked around the room and noticed that two elders weren't very involved as the rest of us. From knowing their backgrounds, I immediately started bawling!! Elder James has had such a rough childhood and elder Reynold's dad passed away a few years ago. I can't imagine my life without a dad like mine. I have the most incredible dad in the world and I wish I can be half the man you are when I'm older. Without a father figure in my life, I really don't know where I would be!
I love you guys so much!! Every day here is so hard but I know that it is where I need to be! I can't wait to go out to Mexico! I'm pretty freaked out and nervous but I don't even care! I know the Lord will protect me and I know that as long as I am obedient and work my butt off the Lord will bless me and I will be able to bring others closer to Christ.

I love you all so much! Thank you for the support and love!!

Con Amor,
Elder Mike Payne

Mike and Elder Folsom

Mike and his district

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