Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 77 - February 3, 2014 - Keep on Keepin on

This week was another incredible week out here in Chapala! I am seriously loving it so much and I never want to leave here!! Well at least until July 1st!!

So we have been teaching this lady named Ma Juana. She is a super stud!! Her daughter, Liliane, was baptized about 4 months ago here in Chapala. Last month we went over to teach Liliane about family history and her mom, Ma Juana was super interested and wanted to be involved as well. From that point on we started to teach her and she had a lot of interest! Well she got baptized yesterday right after the church services. It was so awesome and she had so much support. 

We are still teaching Adam, our American investigator. He is 10 years old and I think I told you all about his story last week but he is living with his grandparents out here.  He is super awesome and I really enjoy teaching him. It's weird teaching a ten year old in english...especially when I had to teach him the Law of Chastity this last week! I don't think I have ever taught that in english...and on top of that- to a ten year old, but I think it went well! He will be having his baptism this upcoming week so we are excited for him!

Well that's about it for me. We are having tons of success out here and we are loving it. My comp is seriously one of my best friends and I love being here with him. We are constantly laughing and enjoying every moment that is given to us.

Have a great week and know how much I love you all! Thank you for all the support! See you all in less that 5 months!!!

Elder Mike Payne

PS- It looks like I didnt miss much with the super bowl hahahaha! That sounds like a boring game!

Baby Jesus' birth... who would have thought that the devil was there as well?!! haha
A moto taxi.  Transportation out here in Mexico
Lago Chapala
The sunset at Lago Chapala
Another picture of the sunset at Lago Chapala
More pictures at the lake

The gang
Ma Juana's baptism

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